Mini Champagne Bottles

mini champagne bottlesMini champagne bottles can be a lot of fun. Whether you are putting together a fancy wedding and you want everyone to have nice little escort cards, or you want to add a little something special to the wedding cake, or you just like they look and you want to have a good supply for a party, mini champagne bottles are a nice touch to any event.

Mini champagne bottles can be a little pricey, about $4 dollars a bottle and up, which seems high considering regular bottles can be found at Rite Aid and large chain convenience stores for the same price, but keep shopping around and you can always get lucky with a bulk deal. Champagne is always a classy and fun drink, so it doesn’t matter so much the price you pay for it. In big dance clubs people pay $275 for a bottle of Moet champagne because they appreciate the atmosphere and a cocktail waitress delivers it with sparklers and makes a real scene, and shows that you are a fun party person.

The real original champagne started in a place called Champagne, France, so that solves the mystery of where the name came from right there. It’s basically wine that is made with a special process that results in being carbonated in the bottle. There are “dry” champagnes which contrary to wine means that it is sweeter. Champagne with less sugar content is described as “brut”. There is also “rose” champagne like which gets is pink or reddish color from the red grape skin. The inside of the grapes are white, but when made with the red grape skins rose champagne can be made.

So mini champagne bottles are not just for miniature people, there are no parties of midgets sitting around popping mini champagne bottles and eating little baby corn and mini candy bars. If there is I would love to get to one and check it out, but  the mini bottles are just a cool little look to add to any situation. Sure you could just use beer, which would be about the same size bottles, but beer is not the same classy look as champagne. Beer is for hanging out at bars and playing darts and eating peanuts and hot dogs, champagne is for attending weddings, elegant celebrations, anniversaries, and New Year’s eve parties. Eat some nice cake, fancy cheeses, grapes, and kalmata olives with hummus. In any case, pop some little bottles and have a great time!


Even find little cans of champagne on the Francis Ford Coppola website here.

Where to Find Mini Champagne Bottles


Mini Champagne BottlesThere are many kinds of champagne you can find and get mini bottles for including Moet Chandon, Martini & Rossi Asti, Korbel, Nicholas Feuillatte, Pomery POP, and Francis Ford Coppola Sofia. The easiest way to find them is to look up their websites and order mini champagne bottles directly from them.

I think there’s a lot of potential for champagne bottles that people don’t take advantage of. Bar owners, businesses, restaurants, places like this can carry champagne bottles, and not just regular ones but all different types and sizes. Drinking a mini champagne bottle is basically the same as drinking a bottle of beer except beer is a plain boring drink that is good with peanuts and hot dogs. Champagne is a nice classy little drink that ladies can enjoy and men alike and you can also pretend you’re a rapper like Snoop Dogg  and pop open a mini champagne bottle. Have some fun and pop a small bottle all over a crowd of people, it’s tradition and a popular activity, you see it all over rap videos and parties on TV. There are many things you can do with Champagne, it basically adds some nice spice any party or event that you’re having.

What can be better than some plain boring wine then getting that wine some nice carbonation and a delicious refreshing taste? Personally, I find wine to be flat and boring and very sour, luckily people making wine figured out how to make wine with carbonation and it added a nice touch. Not to mention drinking champagne really loosens people up and gets the party going. Let’s all take a second to appreciate the great work of winemakers in France and the specific region of Champagne France where amazingly someone figured out how to make champagne through a very special process that results in bubbles naturally forming in the bottles while they’re fermenting.

The Champagne Drinking Culture

Mini Champagne BottlesDrinking champagne has been a tradition for many years especially among wealthy class of people.  The owners of yachts would christen their boat with a bottle of champagne and break a bottle over the bow upon the first shipping out to sea on the maiden voyage on the boat.  Wealthy owners of houses throw large parties and have a large supply of champagne on hand for party-goers, beautiful women in fancy dresses sipping on champagne out of their flutes, or champagne glasses, which I should mention the reason that glass works best for the champagne is because the bubbles would rise and have a conducive area to rise within the champagne glass. The lower part of the champagne glass is the stem, which is perfect for people to hold and not warm the cold champagne with their hands. The glass is made very thin because his delicate craftsmanship that goes into the champagne glass and it has a very beautiful elegant look to it.

Mini champagne bottles are perfect for any party. You can drink them straight out of the bottle if you feel so inclined or you could pour it right into a beautiful champagne glass. The beauty of it is it doesn’t matter either way, drinking straight out of a champagne bottle is just as good as a glass. Champagne bottles are very strong and comparable to drinking out of a beer bottle. How many people do you see drinking straight out of many champagne bottles? I’m sure you probably would be the only person in the party drinking out of a mini champagne bottle and it’s small things like that that set you apart from the crowd, so why not go down to your local liquor store tonight and find yourself a six pack of mini champagne bottles or maybe whole case of mini champagne bottles? Stock up your fridge with champagne for your friends and throw yourself a nice party with some fancy cheeses, gorgonzola, goat cheese, crackers, and grapes and find some friends and family and have yourself a great time.

A thing with mini champagne bottles is a lot of people don’t realize how much fun they could be having with them sure you go to a bar and your average Joe’s going to be ordering Coors light or Bud light or someone a little more sophisticated crowd will be drinking Stella Artois or a fine crafted brew but every so often you go to change up your choice of drink so here’s an idea right there. Order yourself a mini champagne bottle. If the club or the bar owner doesn’t happen to have mini champagne bottles then you can make a suggestion. It’s actually in the best interests of any bar or club I would think to have a variety of different drinks for the people haning out and socializing, beer, liquor, mixed drinks, wine, champagne, normal champagne bottles, mini champagne bottles, it’s the diversity that makes the place so interesting so they might as well mix it up and have a great variety of different things choose from.

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